Beam Walk VR

Project Description

The Ironworkers program at NAIT was having an issue with students not being prepared to walk on the iron beams high in the air at the Souch campus. They needed a way to have the students get prepared to be out on the beams, and VR was a perfect fit.

I converted a CAD version of the structure that is at the NAIT Souch campus to a 3D model, and using Unity and the Oculus Rift, was able to re-create the experience of walking backwards and forwards across a beam on the beam from the safety of the ground.

I custom designed and 3D printed ankle holsters from the Oculus Rift hand controllers so they could be Velcro'd to the legs of the participant. This allows them to see their own feet when they look down, and place them accordingly. 2 setups were created, one that was installed in a lab environment, and one that is mobile and can be used anywhere. I also added a calibration feature so the beam can be as long as needed, and in the correct position relative to the cameras.

If the participant steps off the beam, they fall to the ground. The program has received nothing but amazing reviews and praise for the Beam Walk VR. It is still being used years later in the lab, and is a great draw at open houses.

Project Details

Project Completed:

October 18, 2018