Virtual House

Project Description

The virtual house is a complete recreation of a residential home from the ground up. Using blueprints provided by a local builder, I re-created the house to millimetre correct accuracy using Cinema4D as my modeling tool.

After the frame was complete, we enlisted the help of the Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC programs at NAIT to complete the house to code requirements. I designed and placed all the Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing systems, placed them in the house and then handed the project over to developer Animesh Jha and designer Jane Ha, who did the Unity coding to make this a cross platform WebGL interactivity.

Students can walk or fly through the house in first person and see how the different trades interact with each other at different stages of construction. This helps the students visualize how their trade fits into the house, and how they need to keep the other trades in mind when installing their systems.

This project was featured in NAIT's TechLife Magazine in 2018, read about it here:

Project Details

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Project Completed:

September 5, 2017